BLOG POST  ●   5 Ways Your Vegan Diet Is Helping Our Planet
The unfortunate reality of veganism is that it’s often brushed aside as a modern diet ‘fad’ by folks who don’t understand the incredible impacts a meat and dairy-free life can have on our beautiful earth. The happy reality, however, is that plant-based diets are changing the world.
If you’re reading this and you’re a vegan yourself, you’re no doubt already informed about the good you’re doing to flora, fauna, and the planet in general. However, you’re probably going to stumble across people who still insist on asking why you’re vegan—here are five earth-friendly reasons to give them.
BLOG POST  ●   VERSA Talks Azure Communications Services
As the world’s leading Conversational AI Agency, we’ve seen big changes in technology in recent weeks as our partners at Microsoft unveiled Azure Communication Services (ACS), a new utility aimed to help organisations serve richer and more in-depth communication.
Video calling, SMS, telephony and web-chat are now all in easy to use API’s; Azure Communications Services.
Features we use every day on platforms like Microsoft Teams are now our own to personalise for workflows that fit our unique needs. You can use ACS alongside your existing services, websites or apps, without requiring deep technical integrations into existing systems.
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